The Consumer Brand Growth Guy

I work with Consumer Brands at all stages to help them create new products, launch them successfully, generate aggressive and sustainable revenue growth, and potentially get acquired.

Let's take your consumer brand to the next level!

I work with the best partners and platforms in the business


The Ultimate E-commerce Growth Stack

From idea to launch to growth to exit, we've helped consumer brands (including some of our own) achieve tremendous success and we can do it for you too

Product Design & Manufacture

Bring your idea to life, get prototypes built and source scalable production channels

Brand, Logo, Story

Create a brand and story that is memorable, unique, and will speak to your audience

Website Development & CRO

Create a website that is not only beautiful and functional, but captures and converts

Mobile App Design & Build

Create a custom app connected to Shopify and optimized for repeat purchases

Long Form Video

Create entertaining, educational, and sharable video that can be used anywhere

Short Form Video & Animation

Create entry-level video on a budget to test product-market fit or introduce new ideas

Paid Ads Management

An expert team can compliment your in-house team or manage all your ad buys

SEO & Written Content

Don't overlook the long-game, be found when consumers are looking for solutions

Programmatic Ad Management

Target customers geographically, demographically or based on activity

Email, SMS, Mail Automation

Trigger personalized emails, SMS, and even print mail based on customer lifecycle

Amazon Seller Strategy and Management

Sell, strategically price, manage inventory for, and develop your new products on Amazon

Podcast Strategy & Management

Full-service podcast management including guest acquisition and content editing

Influencer Marketing

Get top influencers for your target demographic to promote your product

Pricing & Product Insights

Get pricing, inventory, and product insights for all your competitors to inform strategy

Financial Dashboards

Manage your cash flows strategically with financial dashboards tailored for ecomm

Let's Talk
About me

I love building cool stuff with really cool people

For the past 30 years I've built ad and marketing tech, worked with some of the coolest consumer brands, and have developed partnerships with some of the best martech platforms and agencies in the business. We love helping cool brands bring their products to life, sell them like crazy, maybe even get bought by a bigger brand, and have a ton of fun together while doing it.

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The process

I work with brands of all sizes, across the entire product lifecycle

If you want to take your product growth to the next level, let's connect and create a plan

Idea Validation

Bringing your idea to life, testing PM fit, prototyping, and scalable manufacturing

Launch & Growth

Get your product and story in front of your ideal customers profitably and aggressively

The End Game

Innovate and manage sustainable growth or prep for and negotiate a desirable exit

Recent Successes

"Dave has been around the digital marketing scene for ages. He knows the best players and how to put all the tools together to help consumer brands kill it in digital."
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Katherine Moss
Digital Marketing Manager, Varonda
"We brought our new product to Dave and he brought the right partners and tools to the table to help us have a tremendous launch. We can barely keep up with the growth!"
Director of Digital Marketing photo
Joshua Wilson
Marketing manager, Novelora
"We were doing great. Growing fast. But we wanted to do more. We were able to exceed our annual goals and blow our projections out of the water."
VP of Digital Marketing photo
Drew Cano
Founder, Soundora
"Our in-house team is amazing and were doing a great job managing all our growth initiatives. But with Dave's help we were able to augment our internal capabilities without a huge increase in costs and have significantly increased our growth!"
VP of Growth photo
Nico Astrella
Head of Growth, Zermia

Let's take your brand to the moon!

Whether you're just getting started or you've been around for years and want to take your brand to the next level, I can connect you with the right partners and the right tools to help you get there. Smash this button right here and let's make it happen!